Geordie Shore

We follow some of Newcastle’s finest lads and lasses, as we sneak a peek into their glamorous lives and party lifestyles - they are no angels of the North!


Season 7

Geordie Shore | Season 7
The Geordies are back where they belong, in Newcastle, for a jaw-dropping summer season of partying, pulling, bucking, necking on and getting mortal. It's back to their old stomping ground, but something's different - there's a new girl in town, and she's hot property! See how the boys get struck by the beauty of their new housemate while the girls' tongues are set to wag more than ever in this brand new Season!

Season 8

Geordie Shore | Season 8
The Geordies are back! And this season we've thrown two mint new lads into the mix. They've both got their eye on two of Newcastle's finest ladies - but will they make it to the shag pad? There's also a mortal night out in Iceland in store - and you'll never guess who gets their tash on... TUES 22ND JULY @ 10PM (Sky Channel 126, Virgin 311


Season 9

Geordie Shore | Season 9
Get ready for more mortal madness! The gang are back in the 'toon and this time there's a twist. She's long been revered as Queen of the one-liners but for this season of Geordie Shore, Vicky will officially be crowned Queen out the house! Her house. Her rules. God save the Geordies!